31/05/04 - - Turns out a Victorian radio stations GM has been ordered to appear in court due to hassles with Worksafe, not sure what the owner will say when all the staff start singing like canaries at the court hearing on the 24th of June.

31/05/04 - One recently displaced highly experienced Melbourne announcer has had talks with an interstate talk station. It seems the PD is keen and it
appears to be only a matter of timing.

28/05/04 - Someone has left the door unlocked at 3BA in Ballarat.  First Popstar (David McClung) from the Power FM Hot 20 departs a few months ago to the DMG Northern Hub, then Viv Hatzi (Power FM Late Nights) disappears up there too.  .

27/05/04 - SEN 1116 may be the official Melbourne station of the upcoming Athens Olympic games but 3AW will be broadcasting their breakfast live from Athens during the games. It is said the breakfast boys Ross Stevenson and John Burns will be pulling out all the stops to attempt to steal SEN's thunder of the coverage.

27/05/04 - The Benchwarmers look like they are trying to cover Australia. They can now also be heard on Gippslands 94.3 Sea FM.

27/05/04 - Still with RG,  Keiron Atkinson has been networked from Gold Coasts Gold FM .  Shepparton's 3SR and Gippsland 3GG both take him for drive.                   

26/05/04 - Inga Norgrove is the new Copywriter /Announcer at Edge FM /3NE Wangaratta.

26/05/04 - 2QN/CLASSIC ROCK102.5 Deniliquin welcomes Vanessa Wilde to the station. Vanessa will be in an  announcing role along with handling their  production.

26/05/04 - Alysia Rex will shortly join 3BA/ Power FM Ballarat in the role of Copywriter.

25/05/04 - 3MP this week welcomes Paul James (new pd ) and Pete Tarnawski to the on air team. Steve Curtis has now moved to weekend afternoons and Colin Boucher has replaced Michele Adler and John Patrick on the Saturday gardening program. Paul and Pete made their debut yesterday.

20/05/04 - It seems as if RG Capital have slowly started to network the drive shift with the Benchwarmers from the Gold Coast, the latest stations to lose drive announcers being Sea FM Mackay and Sun FM Shepparton. 

20/05/04 - 2GB bitchiness ends in an unkind letter. In it breakfast host Alan Jones slams crooner Kamahl. It unfolds here in the Sydney Morning Herald Article

20/05/04 - 3AW's Rex Hunt has vowed not to pay a fine for the theft of Qantas property from Adelaide's Qantas Club last Saturday. Rex smuggled a number of forks onto the Melbourne bound flight to prove a point after experiencing difficulty when he was checking in through airport security. Herald Sun Article

18/05/04 - Speaking of Kyle and Jackie O, they will be broadcasting live from Adelaide's Rundle Mall this Friday , networking the show back across to the Eastern states.

18/05/04 - Austereo Adelaide has let a little more of the Eastern States programming penetrate  the South Australian market. First it was Kyle and Jackie O who have recently joined SA FM, now as of next Monday Mick Molloy will deliver his 'Tough Love' program to 5MMM. We are lead to believe 'Tough Love will be packaged into an hour format between 1.00pm and 2.00pm for 5MMM.

17/05/04 - Radio goes back to targeting baby boomers SMH

16/05/04 - Gavin Wood is currently filling the breakfast chair at  105.7 The River .

13/05/04 - Test transmissions are a strange thing and in the case of Merrick and Rosso and their Adelaide experiment, lets leave it at that. The divides are to large for the comedy duo to ever be networked into Adelaide once the new NOVA is launched later this year. This is despite their current test transmission having an impact on 'other FM ' ratings category.

11/05/04 -  David Greenwood ex 4KQ sales is the new GM at Ipswich station RIVER 94.9Greenwood is no stranger to the area. He was 4IP's top breaky jock back in the stations glory days.

10/05/04 - SEN 1116 has launched their first television commercial. A fast paced trip through the day on air with each main daytime  presenter sitting in behind the mic.     View the commercial here

09/05/04 -South Australia's TV and radio legend Blair Schwartz has died aged 76. Blair Schwartz died of kidney failure in a Gold Coast hospital last Tuesday. Every state has their own living treasure and Blair was very much loved by all he touched.  Full details Adelaide Advertiser .

09/05/04 -  3AW's  Shane Healy called the late afternoon Hawthorn and Geelong AFL match today, with special guest in the box one Craig Willis. 

09/05/04 - Top marks to GOLD 1043 today for playing 'The Concert for George'. The tribute concert recorded one year after George Harrison's death was a highlight and packaged across the day. We believe it was also played across 5DN, WS FM and 4KQ.

09/05/04 - We have all heard people overseas attempting an Aussie accent on TV and Radio and most of the time it either sounds rather 'cockney' or at worst a very poor South African. A Canadian station is doing its bit to stamp out bad Aussie accents and last week emailed EDGE FM Wangaratta asking for the genuine article. PD Glenn Looker obliged and sent them back a 'live' Aussie read, eliminating the cringe factor of another shocker attempt at our accent.

08/05/04 - Sydney sporting radio has been rocked for the second time this week. 2KY's Greg Munsie has lost his father in tragic circumstances. Norm Munsie, a former top jockey was found floating 1KM off Long Bay. Earlier this week 2GB's Peter Chippy' Frilingos suffered a heart attack and passed away whilst at work at The Daily Telegraph..

07/05/04 -ABC radio listeners will now be able to hear all five of the broadcaster's networks in Melbourne's Domain and Burnley Tunnels.The ABC has struck a long-awaited agreement with CityLink to broadcast in the tunnels, where reception was being lost.The ABC charter prevented the public broadcaster from entering into the same agreement as other commercial stations. CityLink's Brendan Bourke says a one-off payment has been arranged."There will be a payment from the ABC to pay for the equipment that's required to rebroadcast the signal and that will provide the service for the next 10 years," he said.

07/05/04 -3AW morning man Neil Mitchell has come out to knock rumours that he is set to become editor of The Age on the head. Speaking on his program this morning Mitchell said he was still enjoying what he did at 3AW and when he stopped enjoying it he would move on.

05/05/04 - Radio 3XX (1611 Melbourne) will commence broadcast of the
popular radio show The CYBER SHACK. The CYBER SHACK commences on 1611 3XX
this coming  Monday night at 7PM.

04/05/04 - 3AW veterans Bruce and Phil broadcast live from the Rialto Observation deck tonight and brought a taste of 'Radio Auditions' to the airwaves. A talent quest had members of the crowd giving it their best shots. A stand out of the night were the comments sought from the crowd, rather spontaneous especially if the person was a tourist and had no idea what  to make of the the broadcast. Around 11.30 pm Bruce received a call announcing the birth of his fifth grand child, a girl.

03/05/04 - 3MP has yet to bed down its new on air line up. Sources have suggested longtime announcer and current evening presenter Steve Curtis will be a floater. Former PD Pete Tarnawski will move into an announcing role (evenings) and new PD Paul James is rumoured to be taking over afternoons.

29/04/04 - MIX 101.1FM Melbourne have announced Daniel Akerman is their new PD replacing Dean Pickering.  Daniel takes up the role effective from May 12 and for the last 6 years he has been Marketing and Program director for NRJ Sweden out of Stockholm.

28/04/04 - How ironic that the Laws - Jones fiasco was unfolding just as Derryn and Blackers' were sipping on the bubbly at the launch of Derryn's book and proof that time heals all wounds. Some how though the Jones v Laws stoush is going to eternal.

28/04/04 - John Laws has taken another swipe at Alan  Jones this afternoon, telling Southern Cross radio listeners he does not know why people fear the opinions of his rival. "There seems to be a certain fear of Alan, maybe because he is such a viscous old tart," he said."I don't know but there seems to be an element of fear that exists."Why I don't know because he does have a big rating but he only talks to Sydney."

27/04/04 - Although they buried the hatchet quite a few years ago Blackers' departure from 3AW all those years ago is now part of radio folklore. Blackers' will help launch Derryn's new book The fall and rise of Derryn Hinch. (no not another of his  diet books) Herald Sun: Old radio foes to reunite [27apr04]  

27/04/04 - Peter Harrison 'Harro' has taken over the GOLD 104.3 FM morning shift with Mark Johnson moving into afternoons. Mark also became GOLD's PD when Dave Smith jumped ship to Austereo.

25/04/04 - 2CH breakfast host Baby John Burgess made a guest appearance in a comedy skit on Australia's Funniest Home Videos on Saturday night. One industry insider described it as not one of Burgo's greatest career moves.

25/04/04 - Expect a few changes at 3MP this coming week - Jane Holmes jumped in the chair to fill Peter Blights Saturday morning obligation with all other programming remaining the same for the weekend, although the recorded travel auction segments featured the departed Peter Blight. Our forum has an interesting 3MP post headlining at the moment. Although some of the points of view are extreme it has triggered a healthy debate.  view here

23/04/04 - SCOOP: With a new broom coming into 3MP the first on air causality is Peter Blight. Blighty' was given the news at the end of his afternoon slot (1PM-4PM) today.

21/04/04 - Over the last few nights we have been 'live' on the site and have received some fantastic feedback and blown open a few myths as well. We will be live again next week so drop in and say 'hello'. In response to a common question about our three main news pages Home |Radio News| Headliners   they are based on our original Radio Rumours page. The Get a bit fair dinkum .net page will be a stand alone site based very much on our original idea with Get a bit fair dinkum  although the content will be much broader than 'radio' alone . We will let it unfold and attempt to provide an interesting site.

21/04/04 - Ex Program director of Austereo (FM104.7 Canberra), Village Roadshow
(FM 104 Brisbane) and Australian radio network Paul James has become the
new program director of 3MP Melbourne.

21/04/04 - Magic 107.3 Hobart Breakfast Host & Music Director Brett Marley is
leaving the station after 5 years at the end of April to recharge the batteries
and pursue interests outside the radio industry. We wish him all the best.

19/04/04 - This coming weekend will see SEN 1116 do their first full on OB . They will be live from All Sports Expo  being held at the Historic Royal Exhibition  Buildings in Melbourne. The OB kicks off on Friday and concludes on Monday.

18/04/04 - Nova100 breakfast co-host Dave Hughes presented the best lifestyle and best reality TV show awards on the  Logies' tonight.


15/04/04 - FOX FM brekky chick Jo Stanley has won herself a Hollywood fan.
Peter Farrelly, one half of gross-out directing team the Farrelly brothers, met Stanley when he was in Australia this year to promote Stuck on You. Stanley mentioned to Farrelly that her husband, Darren, was a huge fan, so the director sent her a Stuck on You poster that said: "Dear Darren, you've got a hell'uva wife. Love Peter." Then yesterday, Stanley received a Fed Ex package from Santa Monica in the US. Inside was a signed There's Something About Mary movie poster, with "Dear Darren, your wife rocks! Love Peter". The girl's obviously made an impression.
The Eye Herald Sun

15/04/04 - and Commercial Radio Australia would like to welcome John Goodall (2QN), Ian Crockett (3NE), Paul Dix (2QN) to the quarter century club. All have been in the industry for over 40 years and all are legends to those who know them . Also joining the club is Dave Prior (98fm) and Steve Adermann (7AUS/7XS). Congratulations to you all. For further information on how to nominate call Justine Hope on 02 9281 6577.

15/04/04 - The word is that Gold 104.3 FM is very interested in 2CA Canberra Drive announcer Greg Easton.....the word also is that the attraction is mutual.

15/04/04 - Ali Carle decided to lend a hand to charity yesterday, but she should have brought flippers as well.The MIX 102.3 breakfast announcer swam from the Tynte St studios to Hahndorf as part of the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's "Keep Watch Keep Them Alive" campaign, aimed at reducing the number of backyard pool drownings . view the whole article

14/04/04 - 3MP this week continues the countdown of the A-Z of Easy Music  and have been digging deep into the audio vault to include lots of long lost classics. 14/04/04 - Regardless of who replaces Dave Smith on air - Gold 104.3 is very lucky to have guys of the likes  of Harro, Kevin Hillier and John Peters "on the bench".  John Peters is this week filling in for Craig Huggins who is on holidays and Peter "Harro" Harrison is filling in on 9 - 2pm.

12/04/04 - 2DAY- FOX FM's Kyle Sandilands has again put his foot in his mouth, this time confusing tennis champs Pat Cash and Pat Rafter. Sandilands was talking on air on Thursday about comments Cash allegedly made to a British newspaper about the woman at the centre of the Posh and Becks scandal, Rebecca Loos. But instead of saying Cash, he said Rafter. It wasn't until an Austereo news man stepped in and corrected Sandilands that he realised he had erred. But Sandilands didn't apologise for the error. Jackie O also recognised the mistake, and said "s@#$" on air after the correction was made.  Herald Sun Eye

10/04/04 - Former 3AK movie expert and regular afternoon contributor Chris Ryan is back in the fold at 3AW and will now be heard on  the  weekend overnight Alan Pearsall program between 1.00am AND 2.00am Sunday talking flicks.

09/04/04 - Clear Channel Communications Inc says it has cut ties with shock jock Howard Stern after federal regulators proposed a $US495,000 fine for indecent comments carried on six of its radio stations. John Hogan, president and chief executive of Clear Channel Radio, said the company was not willing to shoulder the "great liability" of broadcasting Mr Stern's popular radio show more

09/04/04 - Could a long ago pairing of two former radio partners who incidentally have also done television together be on the cards?

09/04/04 - The power of SA FM is amazing and yesterday morning they managed to get their listeners to donate over 10,400 Easter eggs at various collection  points across the city. The end result - the eggs being donated to disadvantaged children.

08/04/04 - The Good Friday Royal Children's Hospital Appeal is on again tomorrow but don't expect to see your favourite breakfast crews sitting side by side reading out donations. Those days are gone and the best you will get is Mix 101.1 in for a token opening visit,  (Michele, Des and Loz) with the sprinkling of a few more through the day.

08/04/04 - Radio2 is once again covering AFL and  this year they will also cover Brisbane home games as well as Sydney. Radio2 is also broadcasting the games on FOXTEL digital channels so people right across Australia can tune in and listen to the call.

08/04/04 - Has the arrival of SEN made Southern Cross give sport a higher placing in their news service. Southern Cross news which originates from 3AW's Bank Street bunker is heard across 3AW, Magic693 , 3MP and SEN to name a few and this observation comes from a couple of regional stations both at different ends of the state, both with different versions of hearing AFL stories leading the bulletin. The jury is out on this one.

07/04/04 - Some movement at SA FM starting with  Vinnie Shannon being officially appointed SAFM Music Director. Michelle Murphy is Assistant Music Director/floater. Joe Bovalino last heard on MIX101.1 weekends and former SAFM breakfast co-host takes over  afternoons on  Tuesday after Easter. Finally John Bleby has left SAFM for 92.9 Perth as APD/ drive announcer.

06/04/04 - GOLD 104.3 morning announcer and MD Mark Johnson will take over from Dave Smith.

06/04/04 - MIX FM's Dean Pickering will depart the building mid May. Dean is currently morning announcer and PD.

06/04/04 - Former 3DB and 3GL  morning presenter Dennis Scanlan   has extended his morning program by 1 hour since the start of this year. You can catch Dennis on 94.7 Pulse FM between 9am AND 11am Monday to Friday.

06/04/04 -TRIPLE M's Fifi Box returned home yesterday from five days in Brisbane to discover the neighbours in the apartment above her had left hot water running the whole time she was away. Fifi came home to a choice of wet-dog carpet stench, soggy clothes, shoes and zap-me-up electricals including her television, DVD, sound system, the whole shabang!!! Someone had clearly rained on her parade.

05/04/04 - The Australian Broadcasting Authority has cleared 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones of any wrongdoing over his program's sponsorship by Telstra.The authority found Jones was not required to reveal the deal when mentioning Telstra on air because it was made with his employer, the Macquarie Radio Network.It also concluded he had not breached the commercial radio code of conduct or a licence condition banning the broadcast of editorial comment requested by a major advertiser or sponsor.

05/04/04  - Dave Smith has swapped  the 'Real Thing' GOLD 104.3 for the opposition joining Austereo Melbourne as joint FOX/MMM PD.

05/04/04 - In a piece that sounds like deja vu Brian Ford has switched  Austereo Melbourne for ESP. This movement was first mentioned a couple of months ago.

05/04/04 - Grant Tothill is switching MMM's going from 3MMM  PD TO 2MMM PD.

04/04/04 - Had to do that, won't be able to for another 100.

O3/04/04- Dean Pickering is set to depart MIX 101.1. We wish him well and hope his replacement is given  a little more creative licence and freedom  than Dean has been allowed.

03/04/04 - Daryl Ferber has returned to the fold on MIX101.1  covering weekend afternoons amongst others shifts we hear. 

01/04/04 - Kyle and Jackie O had a rise of 2.4 on FOX FM one of the highest climbs across the entire survey. Interesting this rise comes as many were tipping this '2DAY FM networked duo' would not succeed in the earlier timeslot partly due to Kyle's unique 'R rated style'. The pair formerly hosted The Hot 30 and moved to drive at the start of this year.

01/04/04 - RADIONEWS.COM.AU NEWS  EXCLUSIVE CLICK HERE (well not really- although it was a great April Fools day gag!) 

01/04/04 - Great to hear Peter Harrison doing afternoons  filling in  for Dave Smith at GOLD 1O4.3. Pity he can't be blended into the fulltime line-up!

31/03/04 - The grandfather of radio Alistair Cooke has passed away just weeks after retiring from a record 58 years of broadcasting his Letter from America. Read the whole story here

31/03/04 - The surprise packet teaming by Virgin and Macquarie has put a totally different spin on the last round of FM auctions (pre digital) and if their joint bid is successful it will change the face of radio in Australia. Until last week front runners for Brisbane looked like DMG and Hot Tomato. Hence making Austereo sit up and get set to re-write the script depending on the outcome. This will no doubt unfold over the next three weeks and much will be written like the following article view it here

31/03/04 - For those of you from interstate or regional areas you can now listen to  SEN 1116 online. Check it out here,  listen live now

 30/03/04 - 2UE's  Steve Price move to drive may be paying off eclipsing 2GB in survey 2 by jumping up one full point to 7.2. 2GB dropped 1.2 to 5.9.

30/03/04 -Ratings Survey 2 Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth

29/03/04 - Nova 91.9 Adelaide has announced Jason Staveley will be the Programme Director. Test transmissions are currently on-air.

29/03/04 - Many questions are being asked about the quality of MIX 101.1's mid dawn on - air  presentation. 'Sounded like the announcer was down my grandmothers bath tub plug hole' one of our emails suggested today. In another 'What  is going on at Mix 101.1 middawns, quite obviously automated with the announcer talking over the intros all Saturday morning from midnight till 6 but was drowned out every time.'

2703/04 - SEN have added a new weekend program to preview and review all of the AFL action. "Around The Grounds" with Liam Pickering, Barry Stoneham and Dale Lewis will be heard every Saturday and Sunday between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm.

26/03/04 - Jon Vertigan is heading home to Victoria. He is set to take up the role of Program director  and breakfast announcer at Coast FM Warrnambool.

26/03/04 - Get on board with our Footy tips! Free to join and free to enter. Join today before 7.30PM. Its easy to join .

25/03/04 - The inside word on DMG's bid for Brisbane is that they have an open
chequebook. The level of confidence is so high and  the assumption is they will get Brisbane. Hope it is not a case of the Hare and the Tortoise!

25/03/04 - When the radio ratings are released next Tuesday there will be no figures in  reference to Sport 927. The decision comes from Commercial Radio Australia in light of threatened legal action by Sport 927.

24/03/04 - 2DAY FM network drive Kyle and Jackie O presenters attempt today to fool listeners with their Delta Goodrem exclusive backfired when in reality it was nothing more than a 'fractured interview'. Sony executives are listening to the the tape very carefully.

24/03/04 - In a week of milestones Magic693 - 10 turns  on Friday, 3NE - 50 years this Saturday and the Melbourne landline station 3SA also turns 50 this weekend. 3SA is run by Clarke Sinclair and is a radio school. The station is heard via landline in the St Kilda area.

23/03/04 - Could there be a listing on the ASX by DMG in 2005?

23/03/04 - All the talk is centred around Hot Tomato for the Brisbane FM auction but do not under estimate DMG. This is a vital cog for many concerned but none more so than DMG.

22/03/04 - Former 2DAY FM breakfast presenter Wendy Harmer has joined the Channel 9  presenting a segment on the Today show.

21/03/04 - During the week Tony Greig is calling the cricket in the early hours of the morning on SEN1116 via Englands Sport Talk. ( West Indies V England )

20/03/04 - At Mix 102.3 Adelaide the station is still pinching itself on gaining a share of the audience Triple M gave up when they turned their format over to a younger demographic. Back to Mix and  breakfast  is working well. Chris Dzelde,  Ali Carlisle and  Kym Dillion  are the team.  

20/03/04 - Just who will be anchoring Nova Adelaide when it launches. There was an assumption that Phil O'Neil would play a pivotal role, although that is now unlikely. Will DMG head hunt a fresh new bunch or  will Amanda Blair, Grant Cameron,  Andrew Jarman or   Michael Tunn all be on Nova Adelaide wishlist.

20/03/04 - Tracy Bartram will be a special guest this Sunday morning on 1611 3XX when the kids take over between 9.00am and 12.00 noon.

20/03/04 - Ian Major has joined SEN1116 to cover AFL updates between 2.00pm and 5.00pm each Saturday and Sunday. The Major is no stranger to the old 3AK having had 2 stints their more recently hosting a Saturday afternoon sports show with former Bomber Simon Madden.

17/03/04 - Anthony Milich is the new PD at 2QN/CLASSIC ROCK102.5 Deniliquin.

17/03/04 - Joe Bovalino is said to be back at SAFM ? Mix Melbourne's loss is Austereo's gain. Joe brought his own special style to his role at Mix and was always a favourite amongst listeners.

17/03/04 - A reminder that 3NE turns 50 on March 27th and is still keen to hear from any former announcers of days gone by. Contact  them via email .

16/03/04 - Magic 693 is gearing up for a big birthday celebration when the station turns 10 years young on March 26th.The station was born out of the ashes of 3EE the Breeze which was born out of 3XY. Post Breeze it was also known simply as 693 being the second frequency of 3MP. I might of dreamt this one but at one stage Magic was going to be launched as 'Sport 693' and I believe the logo is in existence.

16/03/04 - Feed back from Adelaide suggests the longer Leon Byner stays off air at 5AA the more unlikely he is to return. Stand in presenter Paul Makin continues to do a superb job.

15/03/04 - With the decision by the ABC to base their Sport segment from Sydney in the evening News both ABC television and radio are on strike in Melbourne and Adelaide! Regional and city programs are affected.

15/03/04 - The latest ASX report for DCL shows that the shackles of the ill fated 3AK may finally be off. The good news is the ledger shows a positive cashflow of $177,000. At this rate can we expect trading in DCL to resume soon?

13/03/04 - Mix 101 HO. FM Hobart has been sold to Grant Broadcasters. HO FM was originally on the AM band and is Tasmania's oldest commercial radio station. 

12/03/04 -England's West Midlands are about to get UGLY, as in Ugly Phil, linked by EMAP's new Active Rock Kerrang! 105.2 to handle mornings. Phil, most recently on the air in AUSTRALIA with a national countdown show and work at MTV and the TEN NETWORK, formerly worked at EMAP's KISS 100/LONDON.

10/03/04 - SEN's Tim Watson has been confirmed as host of Channel 7's 'Talking Footy' in 2004. 3AW's Rex Hunt will have a role in the program. The show moves to a Tuesday night this year.

10/03/04 - Austereos former golden hair boy  Rob McCasker along with Suki Mead are about to replace Emily 'Jade' O'Keefe and  Luke Bradnam   on Hot Tomato's breakfast program.  Emily 'Jade' O'Keefe moves onto the 12-3 afternoon shift and is rapt to be reclaiming her morning sleep ins. Luke Bradnam will stay with breakfast  in the capacity of covering sport.

09/03/04 - Media Watch have continued their spin on John Laws, Alan Jones and the ABA. more

08/03/04 - BBC legend Alistair Cooke is said to be seriously ill prompting him to retire at the ripe old age of 95 from his weekly 'Letter from America' program. Cooke had only missed 3 shows since  1946. more

08/03/04 -  2SM's Super Network's 131009 is their FM stream programming for regionals . Check it out via this link. more

07/03/04 - Straight through to the wicket keeper, Hawthorn footballer  Peter 'Spider' Everitt dropped the magic word on air on Saturday morning, whilst a guest on "Ralph, Serge & The Big Man" SEN 1116.

05/03/04 - Prue McSween who made a quick exit from 2UE over Christmas, cutting ties once and for all has joined 2GB in the capacity of public relations. Prue has not ruled out a return to the airwaves now that she is in Singo's camp.

05/03/04 - 2SM is to launch a new drive time sports show to be fronted by Graeme
Hughes 4pm to 7pm weekdays.

04/03/04 -  Mr Brian Cabena, founder and father of Australian community radio, passed away last week aged 82. His funeral was held yesterday.

04/03/04 - Legendary former 5KA and 5DN jock Jim Slade has not ruled out a return to the airwaves. Jim who once boasted 100's of  fans across 2 fan clubs is testing the water when he will share top billing with Bev Harrell and John Vincent  this Saturday at the Six O'Clock Rock concert at the Burnside Town Hall.  

04/03/04 - SEN make history this Friday night when they cover their very first live sporting event. Anthony Hudson along with Nigel Purchase and Paul Maley will call all the action between Melbourne Tigers and Adelaide 36er's in the NBL  elimination final. If the Tigers are winners on Friday SEN will commit to cover their finals journey.

03/03/04 - Amanda Keller former 2MMM  breakfast co-host is going to do a quick fill in on WSFM for The Jonesy and Kayley Show. Kayley Harris has been sick this week and it is unclear if Amanda's gig will be for anymore than 1 or 2 days.

02/03/04 - Brendan Hopkins APN (ARN) must still be smarting from missing out on the chance to convert 5DN to the FM band (read missing out on the Adelaide auction) , so make no mistake he will be keen to see what the next Queensland License goes for? The desire to convert 4KQ is a priority.

01/03/04 - 5DN breakfast co-host Anne Wills has stuck with tradition and is currently in America covering the Oscars. Willsy is now looked upon as a fixture of the Oscars as she continues her yearly pilgrimage there.

01/03/04 - 3MP continues to kick goals. It was a pleasing increase recently in the ratings we hear there is also a steady increase in the quality of the advertisers they are getting.

29/02/04 - Who will be the first victims of breakfast radio in 2004. Well in Melbourne world has it the current crew at Mix 101.1 won't be around after their current contract expire. In Sydney there is a huge test ahead for the masked Melbourne breakfast show The Cage which has dropped to a 4.9.

28/02/04 - New sports station SEN has pulled off the a deal to broadcast the Athens Games. The station will  have exclusive rights to 2GB's Olympic coverage. SEN  already boasts an impressive list of former Olympians including Nicole Livingstone and Andrew Gaze.

27/02/04 - The Four Diego’s Soccer Show  which has been on STEREO 974 for the best part of ten years is moving to commercial AM radio. The popular lads will start at SEN1116 very soon with their last show on Saturday the 28th Feb 2004.

27/02/04 - 2UE might have to look at a on air partner for Mike Carlton . Peter Fitzsimons or Steve   Raymond just to mention two .

27/02/04 - Could  Steve Price get taken out of drive for a off air role at 2UE or SCB.

27/02/04 - Just which former Bomber ruckman is SEN's Deep Throat?

26/02/04 - The end of Rex Hunt's Fishing Show will allow 3AW to start their AFL coverage an hour earlier in stark contrast to SEN's last hour of Friday night drive.

26/02/04 - Rex Hunt will reel in his fishing rod for the last time in around 3 weeks time. Rex has quit his long running show after almost 22 years. The show began on 3DB in the early 1980's and moved across to 3AW with the big fella.

25/02/04 - Ooop's we got it wrong when we recently made mention of Ahron Young's where abouts. Ahron Young has not been flung, he has just returned from a 3 week vacation in Europe. They must be paying well in the Southern Cross news bunker!

25/02/04 - Former 3AW and 3AK announcer Wes Turnbull has joined SEN.

24/02/04 - Ratings are out  check out how every one scored on the links below.

Sydney   Melbourne  Brisbane  Adelaide  Perth

24/02/04 - Well done to FiveAA who have recorded their best ever survey one result (14.1%) and are looking forward to an excellent year with AFL only weeks away.

24/02/04 - Mix 101.1 must be pulling their hair out with a disturbing breakfast result of 3.9, ouch, and after all of the prime time television ads it would only be rubbing salt in their wounds.3MP's Shawn Cosgrove is only 0.9 points behind Mix and if the current trend was to continue Shawn could quite easily top Mix breakfast by next survey.

24/02/04 - Surprises with Nova 100 dropping down the ratings ladder now 2.7 points behind FOX FM.

22/02/04 -As seen in Sunday's Herald Sun, Mind Illusionist and former 3AK REGULAR Mark Mayer has upped theante in his bid to challenge TV psychic John Edward.Get the latest on this and Mark's new show which opens this week at

20/02/04 - With the AFL season fast approaching surely SEN 1116 will need to have a live results and talk back  program on a friday night? Currently from 10pm they are playing 2 hours of the best of morning glory.

20/02/04 - Football's worst kept rumour is official – injured Power midfielder Josh Francou has been recruited to Adelaide'sTriple M's football commentary team. Joining him are former footballers Mark Soderstrom and Ryan Fitzgerald and Melbourne journalist Mike McLean.

19/02/04 - 2SM's Super Networks home page currently has a section highlighting a handful of negative press clippings. Check it out by going to the site and clicking on 'publicity' here

18/02/04 - SPORT 927 breakfast show is being dubbed 'Part Time Sports', in reference to the disgruntled Footy fan who rang after 9.00AM with a cricket question and was told to call back tomorrow morning in the breakfast show, as they were covering racing for the next 13 hours.

18/02/04 - The  DCL home page now mentions SEN1116 in place of 3AK as more and more reference to 3AK diminishes.

18/02/04 - More movements at 2SM with a change in the way of Tad Pierson now heard in drive in place of Dianne Coveny-Garland whilst Dianne is on maternity leave.

17/02/04 - With ratings one week away it is interesting that many work places are now using SEN as their station of choice. How this translates into ratings points will be answered next Tuesday.

17/02/04 - 1611 3XX have revamped their on air line-up with all of the daytime announcers swapping their shifts. Long time drive presenter Anton Vanderlely has moved to breakfast. Check it out MORE .

16/02/04 - DMG Gosford  has commenced testing and will be known as Star FM.

16/02/04 -Still on Nova in Adelaide their high-quality sound has been showing up just how bad some of the other FM stations sound with their outdated 80's processing...will this mean an upgrade to the Optimod 8400 for several station soon?

16/02/04 -  It looks like 2SM is becoming a radio hot spot  putting an axe into its Saturday sports  network program.

16/02/04 - Calling all ex 3NE announcers!!, the big 50 is looming and they need as many of you as possible to contact the station with a birthday greeting in the form of a mp3. It all happens on March 27th. You may even have an old air check you can forward on. To contact 3NE . Some of the past announcers include Ric Melbourne, Tony Jones and David Day just to name a few.

14/02/04 - The clarity of Nova 91.9 Adelaide has been gracing the airwaves with test broadcasts now in place.

14/02/04 - Peter Acfield who does 3MP evenings has been covering Saturday afternoons as well over the last few weeks.

14/02/04 -  Travel guru Derek Taylor has left the 2SM Super Network.

14/02/04 - Eddie McGuire has had talks with 3AW to fill David Hookes spot on Sports Today. We also hear he has been considered for another timeslot on 3AW.

13/02/04 - 'This is ground control to Major Tom!' ATN's Sebastian Cant AKA Gold 1043's Major Tom forgot where he was this afternoon. Juist prior to 5.00PM after giving a SEN 1116 traffic update he launched into ' and that's the latest Gold104' Sky traffic ' before quickly correcting himself.

13/02/04 - The Australian Broadcasting Authority has decided to make frequencies available for new permanent community radio services in Coober Pedy and Roxby Downs. more  Kingaroy Frequencies more Burnie signal strength more

13/02/04 - The Australian Broadcasting Authority has changed the technical specifications of the translator services for the Young commercial radio service 2LFF to operate in Cowra and Cootamundra. The services will continue to operate on 99.5 MHz and 107.7 MHz, respectively. more

12/02/04 - Bob Miller will not only be getting 2UE up and running  at full stream
 but will be looking for a second radio license to run with 2UE. Whether it is AM or FM there is no doubt this will be a priority in 2004.

12/02/04 - Is 2UE still making the move to the same building as Macquarie and Nova?

12/02/04 -  The next Sydney FM auction will be one of the tightest contested battles  seen and ironically one of the last analogue licenses issued. Foxtel has weighed into the digital revolution and it gets more interesting from here, read Mark Day's Media here

11/02/04 - Their calling it I Lost My Heart To RRR and it all happens this coming weekend. Undoubtedly RRR over the last 20 years has  provided the medium with vast amounts of talent that have gone on to all forms of  commercial success. more

11/02/04 - Sadly one partnership that will be missing from the RRR retro feast is that of the team of Laywers Guns and Money. Plucked from RRR in the late 80's by 3AK, the team of Denis Connell (Donohue) and Ross Campbell (Stevenson) went on to host 3AW breakfast together. Connell was sacked by 3AW program director Steve Price and the rest is history, no more Lawyers, Guns and Money but plenty of lawyers and money, thankfully no weapons in sight other than the odd knife in the back.

10/02/04 - Southern Cross News - What has  happened to Aaron Young? Has he been "flung"? Andrea Edwards debuted in the old 5am Ron Burke spot today and
encountered a few problems. Early morning nerves?

10/02/04 - Rumoured that Triple M are talking to injured Port Adelaide AFL player Josh Francou. Word is it is a done deal!

10/02/04 - Paul Makin who  is filling in for Leon Byner at FiveAA is certainly doing a great job . Makin a television and radio veteran of over forty years had more or less just handed the reigns back to Leon Byner after Makin's summer fill in when FiveAA suspended Byner. Makin is well liked by the FiveAA audience and could prove a worthy fulltime replacement. Paul is also  fondly remembered for hosting  3UZ's Newsbeat from 1980 to 1984. ' And that was the night in our city '

09/02/04 - With Derryn Hinch turning 60 today surely 3AW have a group of presenters that hold some sort of record for the number of hours worked on air. Without including the morning 'boys', just the combined age of the following is amazing - 311 years young. Ernie Sigley 65, Phil Brady nudging 65, Bruce Mansfield clocking up the big 60 in April, Hinch just gone 60 and Keith Mcgowan heading towards 61.

08/02/04 - Rove Live will be heard on Fridays at 10am and no longer Saturdays
 across the Austereo Today Network.

08/02/04 - The term Magic RIP was mentioned in the Herald-Sun Eye column last week. It was in reference to most of the artists  played on   Magic 693's being deceased! One longtime radio man was heard to bark back 'well at least their listeners aren't dead, um brain dead that is!' (read FM LISTENERS)

07/02/04 - Former Sea FM Whitsunday on air and promo guy Tom Coull has "returned home" to DMG's Mackay & the Whitsundays Hot FM and 4MK after a two year stint at Sea. Tom will be delivering the popular What's Cool in the Whitsundays segment every morning on Hot with long running breakfast crew - Meech & Teegs - along with other on air duties.

07/02/04 - SEN returned to Talk Sports at midnight. Expect a local weekend overnight program this weekend with Talk Sport returning midnight Tuesday.

06/02/04 - SEN this evening went to their live UK feed an hour earlier tonight only to pull the plug minutes later when they realized prior to 1.00pm (UK time) Talk Sport were talking politics. The (UK) morning program takes general talk back under the guise of Talk-Talk.

06/02/04 - Kissed and made up? What many are calling the radio beat up of the year seemed resolved on 3AW's drive program today! Rex and Derryn together again after Rex stood out last week over Derryn's well publicized reporting of David Hookes death.

06/02/04 - Four Wheel Drive devotees can look forward to a new radio show in the next couple of weeks. Stereo 974 has announced Peter Dywer will host the show on a Saturday morning between 10am & 11am. Peter was part of the former 3AK 4WD program hosted by Glenn Knight.

06/02/04 -  3AW sports journalist Matt Granland is tipped to call Saturday night AFL games in the upcoming season.

05/02/04 - Interesting that the ABA have deferred any decision to investigate suspended FIVEAA presenter Leon Byner.

04/02/04 - Further to SEN's overnight program, they will be taking a live feed of the UK's Talk Sport, amazingly the UK's number 1 commercial radio station. The link to their site is here

03/02/04 - As the SEN overnight team do their last overnight show, can we expect to see them slotted  into the format?

02/02/04 - 3MP have picked up 3AK's Money Talks program. Slotted into the Peter Acfield evening shift you can catch the team from Hillross Financial on a Monday evening.

02/02/04 - Rumblings at 2SM where it is rumoured some staff are set to leave? Could this be the calm before the storm?

02/02/04 -  3BA's Breakfast Announcer Matt Conlon leaves to join 3AW as panel op
for sports tonight after only 2 months as 3BA's Breakfast Announcer.

02/02/04 - Former 5AD and 5AA newsreader John Trenorden has been charged with murder sending shockwaves through the  radio industry. MORE

01/02/04 - The fallout of Derryn Hinch's recent comments in reference to David Hookes continue. Today's Herald Sun reported he will meet with management tomorrow. In the interest of David's family lets hope the matter is resolved quickly. MORE

 One long time radioman today reminisced of the glory days of the Hinch and Mark Day fights and how the station used to promote that fact to advertising clients, how times have changed.

01/02/04 - Rod Boyd has launched Truckstop, a six hour overnight country music program  on Stereo974. more  

01/02/04 - Update on SEN overnight and the BBC 5 feed looks like it will start by this coming Thursday. Not confirmed!